In the implementation of foreign trade at the border crossing, goods are subject to customs control not only, but also other state organizations that are on duty are required to control their quality and safety. For some categories of goods imported into the territory of the State, a procedure of mandatory certification. The purpose of this procedure - to establish conformity of imported goods with the applicable standards of the Customs Union, to ensure compliance with quality and safety requirements.

Having considerable experience, the company DMITOG sp. z o.o. offers its customers a full range of services for registration of the necessary registration certificates and conclusions. Experts of the company will assume all obligations for registration and submission to the customs authorities all the necessary documents, including certificates of compliance, licenses for import, the hygienic conclusions, customs classification decisions.

Using the services under certification, customers will receive:

assistance of a qualified professional;
significant time savings, fines and seizure of goods;
be able to avoid mistakes in the preparation of the necessary documents;
reducing the costs of clearance of goods at customs.

Full certification of the cost is made up of the type of goods and the complexity of the design of the license or certificate. Experts of the company DMITOG sp. z o.o. conduct clearance certificate of conformity of the goods the standards, specifications, recipes and other documents established by the legislation.

Certification Experts will draw:

certificate of conformity;
Certificate of communication facilities;
sanitary-epidemiological conclusion;
registration certificate.

As well as fire, chemical and radiological certificate of conformity. There is a full list of products, according to the regulations of the Customs Union are subject to mandatory certification.

Our experts are highly qualified, working in strict accordance with the legislation in force, clearly observe the established principles and rules of certification.