Provision of customs services - a necessary condition for full and good functioning of the transport company, which is engaged in international transport.

Our company provides the necessary customs services for cargo transportation. Our qualified staff will help you to arrange foreign trade contract, will advise on all matters relating to importation and exportation of goods, as well as produce a calculation of customs value.

The main services that we offer:

Advice on various issues of foreign trade.
Customs clearance of goods, we fully commit ourselves, the presence of the customer or his representatives is not required.
Provision of customs clearance at the border crossings of goods in most major regions of the country.
Delivery of your goods will be executed by the leading transport companies, with whom we have a long and fruitful cooperation.
The cost of services is determined individually, taking into account the specificity of operations.
The service of remote release of goods.

Customs clearance services include:

Advice relating to matters of customs clearance,
Provide a list of documents that will be needed and their analysis,
Code Products HS,
Registration of all necessary certificates and permits,
Controlling the process of customs clearance,
Maintenance operations such as import, export or transit,
Preparation of customs declarations, including the customs value (TPA), cargo (DT), the adjustment of the customs value (CCC),
Preparation of documents that will be required for customs clearance of cargo,
Assistance in obtaining documents CMR, TIR SARNET needed for transportation of goods,
Calculation of customs fees, which will need to pay and payments,
Organization of placement of cargo on customs warehouses or temporary storage areas.

Customs clearance of goods - one of the most difficult stages of the foreign economic activity. All the more reason you have to entrust this difficult and arduous process on the shoulders of a professional customs broker.