Multimodal transportation is a complex logistics solutions, involving the transportation of goods by different modes of transport on the different stages of the path. The choice of vehicles is based on the time and financial indicators in order to optimize cash costs and achieve maximum efficiency of delivery.

This reduces the cost of the service, the processing time of an optimum route and resolve contentious issues. The full financial and legal responsibility for the transportation and safety of the cargo also carried by one company.

Advantages of multimodal transportation:

consideration of all the advantages of different vehicle and the maximum use of them;
for each stretch of track is selected the most appropriate form of transport taking into account the characteristics of the goods and the customer's wishes;
the ability to deliver the goods to almost anywhere in the world;
reduction of cargo transportation time;
significant reduction in the cost of transportation.

Based on the requirements and wishes of our customers, as well as taking into account the specifics of each individual load, our employees choose the best option of transportation by some means or other vehicles, combining various modes of transport in case of need, offering our customers the best possible result, the scheme for the delivery of their goods.

Today multimodal transport is one of the most convenient and attractive way to transport goods over medium to long distances. More and more importers and exporters seeking to make it easier for yourself cargo transportation process, relying on its implementation only one forwarder, while laying on his full responsibility for the timely delivery of the goods, as well as all the risks associated with the transportation process.

Our experts plan the consignment with all the requirements and monitor the security of cargo at every stage of transportation.