Railroad transportation of goods today is one of the cheapest and operational delivery methods. Company DMITOG sp. z o.o., working in the logistics market for over 6 years, offering a full range of services in this area. We offer the most competitive rates for railway cargo transportation worldwide. In addition, our experts are always doing their job quickly and accurately.

Features of the rail market

Railway delivery of goods - one of the most popular services on the modern logistics market. In this variation on the carriage price various companies can be sufficiently large.

When you choosing a carrier, you should not rely solely on the value of its services. Often, in fact, it turns out that the low price is hidden neglect to fulfill their obligations. Ultimately, the customer can, at least, face unreasonable delays of cargo in transit, as a maximum – generally you may lose your property entrusted to dishonorable carrier.

The result in such a situation, one - the additional losses associated with the payment of a penalty for violating the terms of counterparties and reimbursement of the cost of lost or damaged goods.

In addition to the conventional rail containers of various tonnage at the disposal of our clients - a refrain-containers intended for the carriage of goods that require a certain temperature (frozen foods, medicines, fruits, vegetables, etc.), As well as tank containers serving for transporting fluids, fuel , water, liquid food products.

We guarantee product safety throughout the route of carriage of goods by rail (railway) and do everything to ensure the customers in our accountability.