Sea transportation enables to transport oversized, dangerous and general cargo. With maritime transport may be transported over long distances loads of enormous size and enormous weight. Sea container transportation ensure high safety of the cargo, the goods do not require a reboot when changing vehicle.

One of the most popular services of our company is transportation of container from China. The situation was well-honed system between the client and partner companies involved in the supply chain.

Geography of international traffic, which is engaged in DMITOG sp. z o.o., is very diverse. We transport goods all over the world. However, our main specialization - transportation from China, and therefore developed a variety of schemes of delivery of goods from that country. But we do not leave without attention and the European states. Prompt and well-organized transportation of cargoes from Europe - that is what we have always been and continue to be engaged.

Services for the organization of your cargo delivery by sea is:

Import, export, transit shipment
Organisation of freight in containers of various types, including 20 '/ 40' Dry Van, High Cube, Open Top, Flat Rack, Tank, REF, 45 'the HC, etc.
Organisation of freight for goods such as break bulk, oversized project cargo
Port works, including loading and unloading the ship
Full forwarding service
Execution of all necessary documents for the transport of cargo

The advantages of marine transportation:

Use of own direct contracts with shipping lines enables us to offer our customers the best possible rates and terms
Regular information and monitoring orders

International carriage of goods by sea are suitable for almost all kind of cargo - bulk, groupage, oversized, design, packed in different containers. However, the main benefit, in the form of savings on transport, get us effect large tonnage loads over long distances.

Charter high-speed international vessels, quality service in sea ports, forwarding a reliable way and in the correct clearance - factors that make the international carriage of goods by sea the best solution for the company.